Case Study

Case Study

A case study is a different type of academic work. It looks like the most difficult essay to write. However it is not that difficult as it seems. It requires a lot of research and a lot of time since it involves too much analysis.

It involves analysis getting as much data as possible from an object or writing. This is known as a case.

There are certain steps to follow when writing a professional case study analysis. They are;

  • Reading and examining the case thoroughly. This process involves picking out relevant facts as well as underlining the key problems evident.
  • Focusing on analysis.

This is the main part of the case study. Here you have to identify around three or five problems evident. Analyze these problems why they exist, how they impact the specific topic of and whoever is responsible for them.

  • This step involves uncovering possible solutions. It involves reviewing of curse readings, outside research, discussion and experience.
  • Selecting the best solution

At this point, you look for strong supporting evidence towards a solution. Consider its pros and cons and whether the solution is realistic.

Step two

Drafting the case

After gathering enough information, you should make a draft of your analysis. The draft should have some major parts which are


This is where you identify the key issues in the case study. You also need to create and summarize a thesis statement in two or three sentences.


This is where you set the scene, add relevant facts and address important issues in the case study. You should also demonstrate in your analysis that you have done enough research to the problems in the case study.


Outline the possible analysis to the problems. This should not be all the problems. You should also state why such alternatives were ignored or rejected. You should also show why the alternatives are not possible for usage t this time.