How to Develop Your Creativity and Make Your Study Easier?

You simply do not have idea and waste some hours in searching for inspiration. In this post we will try to tell you what can you do to be more creative and productive.

Max Ogles, famous blogger, recently has published a book called «Boost: Create Good Habits Using Psychology and Technology». This book tells how psychology and technology can help us to acquire good habits. Below we have an excerpt from it, that answers the question, what is inspiration and what features help to create, without waiting for the muse.

Everyone has its own tastes, especially in music. But everyone agree that The Beatles is one of the best band in the history. Here we have some facts:

• The Beatles is the bestselling artists in the world. People bought more than a million units of media content associated with the group.
• The Beatles are in the tops of the greatest singers of all time according to the review of magazine Rolling Stone. From the 500 greatest songs of all time The Fab Four has 23 songs in this list.

Analyzing this fact, one wonders: who are these people? How they have reached such level of musical skill and such resounding success? Canadian journalist and pop sociologist Malcolm Gladwell in his book “Geniuses and outsiders» (Outliers: The Story of Success, 2008) shows The Beatles as one of the examples that prove the rule of 10, 000 hours. According to Gladwell, anyone, who work hard in a particular area for more than 10 000 hours may become an expert in it, and if he has a natural talent – a genius.

Inspiration, combined with the hard work, really gives a phenomenal result. It was with Paul McCartney when he wrote one of the world’s most popular song.

The song was called Scrambled Eggs. Here you can see how Paul recalls the story of its creation:

I woke up and I heard the melody in my head. I thought, “Great! What’s it? “. Near the window, to the right of my bed was a piano. I really liked the melody. I thought: “But I couldn’t write it because I dreamt it”. But I already had this magical melody.

In the first version of the text were other words:
Scrambled eggs, Oh, my baby how I love your legs …

Today the whole world knows this song as «Yesterday». Written by Paul McCartney, Yesterday holds the record as the most covered song in history, according to the Guinness Book of Records.

Sources of inspiration

It has always been like this: woke up in the morning and in your head sounds great music. However, for such ideas you can wait for years…

Inspiration is not a random thing. It is possible to synthesize and do not expect this.
There is a psychological study that proves it.

In 2003 the psychologists of Rochester University Thrush Todd (Todd Thrash) and Andrew Elliot (Andrew Elliot) have conducted a fundamental study of the psychological nature of inspiration.

It consisted of seven parts and has been tested dozens of hypotheses, experiments. As a result they achieved two important results:
• developed a psychological scale to measure the level of inspiration;
• create a list of more than 30 features that form it.

In fact, Thrush and Elliot gave a scientific substantiation of the phenomenon of inspiration. Inspiration is a combination of personal qualities and habits.

What’s qualities and habits? As already mentioned, scientists have compiled a list of more than 30 features. Among them are three main features: openness to new, self-esteem and creativity.

Bad news is that we should not wait for inspiration, standing in the checkout at the supermarket. It won’t come. Inspiration is a part of you, your personality. But there is good news: you can change; develop the traits that will help you do as McCartney.

Openness to new

In the conclusion to its study Thrush and Elliot wrote:
The results showed that inspiration promotes sensual susceptibility.

Openness to new is a trait that isn’t easy to develop. It is difficult to opt out the usual routine, because it gives us a sense of comfort and security. It is more convenient and faster. But this monotony, does not lead to inspiration.

A simple solution to become more open to new knowledge and experience – always make unusual things. Travel routes that have never ridden, turn the radio that you had never listened, order a dish that you have never eaten. Blow up the routine!


Inspiration comes to people with high self-esteem. If you think that your skills are usual, you will never get inspiration.

Problems with self-esteem can have deep psychological roots. Perhaps even you should address to the specialist, but the easiest way to increase the aim – not to compare yourself with others. It’s pointless.

There will always be someone nicer, prettier and richer than you. You cannot be the best, always and everywhere.

But you can try a great exercise. Concept, clothed in a nice interface, is simple: every day you need to create a card with gratitude. “Today I am grateful for healthy and wonderful exercise,” “Today, I am grateful that I have a good job and I finished an important project.” Then you build up a collection of your strengths and achievements.


The development of creativity is associated with openness to the new. It is necessary to go beyond the usual to find a way of self-expression. And again our habits hinder. Imagine you are standing in the queue. How busy is your brain? It is unlikely that you write a poem or think through the script of the movie. So you can you this time reasonobly, instead of just looking into your gadgets.

So, know what you want, always develop yourself and your skills and everything that you do will be much easier for you and will bring great pleasure.