Novel Review

Novel Review

A novel or book review essay is an academic paper that has a main aim of describing, analyzing and evaluating a specific novel as well as providing detailed arguments to support the analysis and evaluation.

Preparing a book review

Writing a novel review essay usually begins with critically reading the novel as you take notes. Taking notes in your own words gives you a chance to deeply understand the novel. As a result, you are able to see the patterns within the book and work towards a thesis.

Making an evaluation of the novel is necessary. This comes in with a summary of the plot in the novel. Most students normally find it hard to do this. However, you have no reason to worry about this since we have a solution for you.

Structure of a book review

  1. The introduction

This is a normally precise and direct part of the book review. Moreover, this part of the review should have two main points the thesis and the background

Thesis- At some point of your introduction, especially towards the end, you need to provide a clear evaluation of the novel. This evaluation will be the thesis of the essay. The thesis should have three aspects which are, the main argument, your evaluation on the novel’s arguments and the ways in which the novel demonstrates the arguments.

  1. A summary of the key arguments

Immediately after introduction, your essay should have a brief summary of the book. This point should not have any repetition since it is unnecessary. This is where you identify the main arguments of the novel as you briefly summarize them. Here is where you comment on the book’s thesis, state the major arguments and the evidences provided.

  1. Evaluation/analysis

This is the point that contains the main points of the review. This is where you state and deeply explain the thesis of the book. You may use examples and quotations to help illustrate and prove arguments.

  1. Conclusion

The conclusion should always appear in your review. Here you provide succinct summary of the novel. This is where you review arguments and prove your thesis statement.

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