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Your use of this website means you subscribe to our terms and conditions. This website is only for use for individuals who are of legal age, otherwise, purchase of products for the under age is prohibited. By placing an order in this company, it means that you acknowledge having read our terms and conditions and you agree them. By also placing the order, you agree that you are legally bound by the terms and conditions that form the entire agreement between you and Talented Writers Limited.


In this document: “Website”, “US” “WE” means Paperphobic.com

“Customer”, “client” ” You” or “Yours” mean you or any one placing the order on your behalf. “Product” means an original paper, essay, or any other written material, which is delivered to the client in accordance to the instructions entailed in the order.

“Order” means a written order in a standard electronic form, filled and submitted online by the client to our website. Order specifies the scope of work for the client.


By placing an order with us, you are purchasing the product for your personal or commercial use. All our products are written by our freelancing writers and transfer all rights and ownership to the company. All products are non- refundable and come with no warranties,implied or expressed. Please note that it is your responsibility to read all these terms and conditions before placing an order with us.


All products delivered by this company are completely original. The company and or its affiliates and partners retain the full copyright concerning the products and any other product delivered to the client. The delivered products and any other materials may be used for both commercial and personal use. The company is not interested in any publication or use of its products on any commercial use whatsoever.


No product offeredby this company is refundable. Furthermore, all products come with no warranties, implied or expressed. Suppose the client gets what he/she did not request for, we only promise to cancel the order from the writer who did it and give it to a more competent writer in the client’s field of study. In certain conditions, the company may consider a refund at its own discretion.

e) No plagiarism

By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you acknowledge that the company reserves the right to cancelation of any agreement, contract, or arrangement with anyone who passes and attempts to pass to us plagiarized work. You also acknowledge the fact that personal information is not passed to third parties whatsoever. You also acknowledge that the company reserves the right to discontinuation of our services with you if we suspects that the product has been used or distributed in any form of plagiarism.

It is never acceptable for clients to put their own name in the products we deliver. The custom written samples are provided by Talented Writers Company fore search only and can’t be used as a substitute for your writing. It can only be used as a model for study from where you learn to write on your own or take inspiration for you thinking. Some parts of our written material can be used by our customers but should be clearly cited or paraphrased. Please check with your university to know the definition of plagiarism and acceptable use of sources.

Our company never condones, takes part in plagiarism or any other acts of fraud and or academic dishonesty. We strongly stick to, abide by all the copyright laws, and will therefore not allow any customer to commit plagiarism and violate copyright laws.

Neither Talented Writers nor its affiliates and/or partners will be liable to legal actions arising from inappropriate, unethical or illegal use of any material received form our website. This includes; plagiarism, academic probation, expulsion, loss of scholarships/titles/prizes/awards/positions/grants, poor grading, lawsuits, suspension, failure or any other legal or disciplinary actions. The buyers of our material are solely responsible to any disciplinary or legal actions arising from the inappropriate use of our material.